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Blue Shadows

5.5x8.5 in.

Watercolor paint

Painted in 2017

Prints and original are available for sale

The scene in "Blue Shadows" is inspired by a photo of an abandoned boat, taken on a photography road trip with a group of friends. The cerulean blue of the sky, complimented with the blue of the shadows made it the perfect subject. I have always been fascinated by natural shadows, and how shadows created by the sun's cast appear to be blue. This painting also gave me a chance to test out a new consistency of watercolor paint (the cerulean blue) that allowed me to create the clouds and softness of the sky, as well as the crispness of the shadows. 

Photography trips, such as the one that inspired this painting, are a strong influence in my work. Traveling to abandoned and beautiful places give me inspiration to find natural and untouched beauty, like in this scene. 


Other photos of the boat and aesthetic influences for the painting

Photo inspiration for "Blue Shadows"

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