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Awards and Honors

2015-2016/8th grade year:

-First ESA student to be named a winner in the Promising Young Writers Program, sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English, a contest that recognizes promising 8th grade writers from across the nation. Louisiana's sole winner in 2016, and the first Louisiana writer to be honored since 2010. 

 2016-17/9th grade year:

-Photograph, "Blue Room," chosen to be shown at third annual LSU art gallery.

-Won a video contest and, as an award, attended an internship at the Morro Bay, California marketing company of ESA alumnus Brett Landry, '95.

-"Winter Coats" drawing featured in 337 Magazine. 

2017-18/10th grade:

-Painting, "A Match Burning Out," chosen to be shown at fourth annual LSU art gallery.

-Photograph, "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder," chosen to be shown at third annual LSU art gallery. 

-Film, "The Track We're On," awarded “Best Film on a Budget” from Johns Hopkins film festival in Baltimore. 

-"The Track We're On" placed third at the 2018 Film Now Festival in Philadelphia.

-Watercolor painting, "Old Chapel," was selected for the 9th annual Southern Teachers Association student art calendar and was mailed to over 2,000 independent schools. 

-Limited-edition prints of the "Old Chapel" watercolor painting was also used for the Falcon Club Gold Members’ annual gift.

-Awarded a scholarship to Université Sainte-Anne 5-week summer semester in Nova Scotia for an intense French immersion program.

2018-19/11th grade year:

-Digital cinema, "Out of Body," was chosen to be shown at fifth annual LSU art gallery.

-Film, "Out of Body," chosen to be shown at Zoom Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario. 

-Awarded Hendrix College Book Award for distinguished scholarship, creativity, and engaged learning experiences. 

-Awarded the ESA AP English Language and Composition subject award. 

2019-20/12th grade year:

-Digital cinema, "Out of Body" was selected as one of the only two high school films in Iberia Film Festival and won the title of Director's Choice. 

-Teaching assistant for the filmmaking course, Exlabs, at ESA, with Jennifer Graycheck. 

-Digital cinema, "A Study of Bugs, Mushrooms, Leaves, Slugs, and Berries," was chosen to be shown at the sixth annual LSU art gallery.

-3D multi-media piece, "40 Moons Tapestry," was selected to be shown at the sixth annual LSU art gallery and awarded an Honorable Mention. 


Signing of limited-edition "Old Chapel" prints, 2018


Group picture for College Book Award recipients, 2019


Group picture for 2019 annual LSU art gallery


Johns Hopkins Film Festival honors and screening, 2018


Photos from 2020 annual juried LSU Art Gallery

Leadership roles

Class President (11th grade, 12th grade)

ESA Yearbook Senior Editor 2019-2020

ESA Literary and Art Magazine Senior Editor 2019-2020

To see the 2020 Fall Issue of ESA's Eclectic, click here

Picnic Club Founder and President (11th grade)

To see The Picnic Club instagram page, click here

Student Council Secretary (10th grade)

Student Council Representative (9th grade)

National Honor Society Member (joined in 2019)

Headed Prom 2019 committee

"Isabelle's success is not only in her craft, but it is in the depth of her core where most people fear to go. When life gets hard, she writes more. When her words don't sound right, she rewrites them. The dedication to the story. The commitment to the vision. The understanding of the work, and the work it takes to understand the self."

                                                                 -Jennifer Graycheck, speech for Hendrix College Book Award

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