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5.5x8.5 in. 

Watercolor paint

Painted in 2018

Original and Prints NOT for sale


I painted "philosophy" as a gift for my best friend. On the back of the painting is a quote:


"Two identical seeds can be planted, just an inch away from one another, and they will look completely different from one another, the way they wilt, the way they lean towards the sun."

Katie, my friend, is very interested in philosophy. I made this to play off of the nature vs. nurture idea. These flowers also represent us, contrasted by the rest of the world. Everyone is so close to one another, and most people go through the same things in life, yet everyone turns out so different. Happy 17th Birthday Katie. 

Photos of the original flowers that inspired the painting. They grow a few inches away from each other in my back yard. 

Progress pictures

The painting was mounted in a floating gold frame. 

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